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Ex his, quae forte uno aliquo casu accidere possunt, iura non constituuntur – praw nie ustanawia się dla przypadków, które mogą się zdarzyć tylko raz
Summum ius summa iniuria – najwyższe prawo może stać się najwyższym bezprawiem
Aequitas sequitur legem – Słuszność idzie za prawem
Iura novit curia – sąd zna prawo
Hominem causa omne ius constitutum sit – wszelkie prawo winno być stanowione ze względu na człowieka
Ignorantia iuris nocet – nieznajomość prawa szkodzi
Scire leges non hoc est verba earum tenere, sed vim ac potestatem – znać ustawy to nie znaczy trzymać się ich słów, lecz rozumieć ich sens i znaczenie
Summum ius summa iniuria – najwyższe prawo może stać się najwyższym bezprawiem

About me




A N N A    B O R K O W S K A

L e g a l    A d v i s o r


I am a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at Warsaw University and the Center for American Law Studies - a joint initiative of the University of Florida Frederic G. Levin College of Law (USA) and University of Warsaw. In June 2011 I successfully passed a bar exam and entered on the legal advisor list at the Warsaw Bar under the number WA-8020.

I gained my professional experience as early as during the studies as a trainee in Polish and international law offices, as well as state institution.

After graduating I took a job as a lawyer in a law firm Barylski T., Olszewski A., Brzozowski A. in Warsaw, where I gained extensive professional experience. Then I worked as a lawyer in the law office Kubas, Kos Gaertner - Attorneys, a branch in Warsaw and for a short time I worked as a Senior Specialist for legislation in the BGZ bank headquarter in Warsaw. 

Since December 2009 I run my own business activity, within I render legal services on behalf of Polish and international subjects, especially in civil and commercial law as well as employment law. I also specialize in litigation. As part of my activity I was also rendering services for Warsaw law office Morawski & Partners (from March 2010 until November 2012) on the position of a Senior Associate (Team Leader). At this moment I have also decided that the experience I have already gained is sufficient to individually work for Clients and I have focused on development of my own law office. Undoubtedly, the motivation was also the information that I would be a mom. My husband bravely took both information.

I work in Polish and English. From my passion to the country, language and cuisine I have been learning Italian.

postheadericon  Specializations:

  • companies law, transfer of companies, merge and acquisition
  • incorporation of partnerships and companies
  • contracts
  • commercial law
  • employment law
  • consumer’s law
  • litigations



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