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Ex his, quae forte uno aliquo casu accidere possunt, iura non constituuntur – praw nie ustanawia się dla przypadków, które mogą się zdarzyć tylko raz
Summum ius summa iniuria – najwyższe prawo może stać się najwyższym bezprawiem
Aequitas sequitur legem – Słuszność idzie za prawem
Iura novit curia – sąd zna prawo
Hominem causa omne ius constitutum sit – wszelkie prawo winno być stanowione ze względu na człowieka
Ignorantia iuris nocet – nieznajomość prawa szkodzi
Scire leges non hoc est verba earum tenere, sed vim ac potestatem – znać ustawy to nie znaczy trzymać się ich słów, lecz rozumieć ich sens i znaczenie
Summum ius summa iniuria – najwyższe prawo może stać się najwyższym bezprawiem

E-perpetual books – the assumption since April 2010

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E-perpetual books – the assumption since April 2010

Theoretically, since April 2010, perpetual book which hitherto been a paper document will be available in electronic form throughout the country, regardless of the location of the real property. So far, to obtain insight in the perpetual book required a request for copy of the book and often, waiting for several weeks. From April 2010 a single mouse click is to enable the interested person access to the book, at least such was the establishment of the legislature, which at the date of planned completion of the implementation of the system. However, if the waiting time for the establishment of an electronic book in Warsaw is about 8 months, and some centers this time is even longer, the assumptions of the legislature cannot meet with the practice.

ksiegi wieczyste wwwIn practice, data from all land registers from Poland are placed on the Center of Court Registers and, unfortunately, also disclosed to each entry in the book is still traditional, and then rewritten into the computer system. This procedure greatly increases the waiting time for a new entry, and at the end, of the implementation of the e-books.

Unfortunately it is not known at this moment when the process of implementing the system will be completed and whether it will be actually since April this year that each of us will be able to view the perpetual book online.

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