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Amendments in law referring to entrepreneurs only twice a year

Resolution of the Council of Ministers was published in Polish Monitor (M.P. sec 205) according to which a key changes for entrepreneurs shall enter into force twice a year only: 1 of January and I of June. This rule will apply to government drafts of laws, regulations of the Council of Ministers and the Prime Minister and ministers and entrepreneurs will have at least 30 days to familiarize themselves with the rules before they date of entry into force.

prawoprzedsiebiorcyThere are to exceptions to the above principle. It will not be used when the rapid introduction of a legislative act will be necessary for the protection of life or health, the protection of the public interest or important interests of the state. The Government will however recommend the use of this principle to the non- governmental bills.

The introduced solution is aimed improving the situation of entrepreneurs who, by limiting the frequency of changes in the law, will be able to freely conduct the business activity without the fear that they do not apply to the new, not yet known to them, provisions of law whose daily tracking, without the support of a lawyer, is simply not realistic. The two dates of entry into force of the provisions also apply to business in the UK, France, the Netherlands and Lithuania.