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A Land and mortgage register from the internet

Provisions which facilitate an access to a land and mortgage registers via Internet come into force in Poland today (1 July 2014). Since today, a print copy of the mortgage book will have the authority of a document issued by the court. Taking into consideration that as of June 2010 the on-line browser of a land and mortgage register has been already working (http://ekw.ms.gov.pl), now, knowing the number of the land and mortgage register, you can check the register and then download a copy of this book from the Internet.

kw odpisAccording to the amendment to the Act on land and mortgage register adopted on May last year, a request for the extract of the land and mortgage resister may be submitted by an electronic means of communication and one may make a printout of the document via an electronic system. This printout has the authority of the document issued in the traditional manner by the court.

Additionally, the entering into force amendment gives to some authorities a legal grounds for an electronic search of the books not only by their numbers, but also by a specific criteria, such as: name of the owner, address of the real estate or data from the land registry. Such a right shall be given to e.g.: policy, fiscal office authorities, the Supreme Chamber of Control, social insurance, General Prosecutor Office, courts, prosecutor offices, notaries or court bailiff.

The amendment also contains the regulations which enable the charging, e.g. for the application for an extract from the land and mortgage register.

These changes are undoubtedly facilitation in many areas of life, for example - to determine the debtor's assets, and hence a fast enforcement procedure will become much easier.