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Quicker registration of companies and partnership

On 12 August 2014 the President of Poland signed the act as of 26 June 2014 on amendment to the National Court Register act and amendment to other acts, which speeds up the procedure of registration of partnerships and companies (also foundation and society).

The most important change is the introduction of the solution that the entities entered into the National Court Register shall have the NIP (tax identification number) number and Regon number (statistical number) granted automatically after the entry to the National Court Register, by using means of data transmission system. According to the author of the draft act it shall limit the time of waiting for the entry from about 25 to 7 days. Additionally, given numbers shall be automatically entered into the registry without a separate decision based on the motion. It is worth to mention that each entrepreneur in Poland must poses numbers.

krsEntrepreneurs shall additionally file only the so-called supplying data. These are the data which are not subject of entry into the National Court Registry but are essential for fiscal office, statistical office and social insurance (like bank account number, contact data, estimated number of employees) and will be supplied on later date, after starting the business. The entrepreneur shall apply them on one motion and file to the fiscal office within 21 days from the date of entry into registry, which shall transmit them to statistical office and social insurance.

This new solution shall come into force on 1 December 2014, but the execution acts are still missing.